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"How To Defend A Drunk Driving Case: A Guide To Practical, Procedural, And Legal Aspects."

Clark Boardman, Co., Ltd. (5th ed 1991)

John Henry Hingson III brings his enthusiasm, scholarship and understanding of the nature of the offense, court, accused and jury into sharp focus. This work should be a valuable and necessary part of the working trail lawyer’s working library.

-Richard Haynes
Attorney, Huston, TX



I believe this book is incisive, intelligent, and instructive. It just simple has to be one of the best of its type. The research is meticulous, the suggestions are creative and on top of it all, it is eminently readable. As a practicing lawyer, I think Clark Boardman for publishing a book which will make the practice easier for many of us.

-Albert J. Krieger
Attorney, Miami, FL Defended Mafia Don John Gotti. Defended Joseph Bonano (“Joe Bananas”) reputed head of New York organized crime family.


Drunk driving cases involve lawyers in the most complex aspects of trail strategy. Mastery of the material in this book puts one on the road to being an effective advocate in all types of criminal cases.

-Michael E. Tigar
Professor of Law, University of Texas


After reviewing How to Defend a Drunk Driving Case, it is my opinion that the book is excellent on not only defending drunk driving cases but also a superb guide for the practice and procedure of handling most types of jury trails. I would recommend the book highly to individuals interested in an overview of the practice aspect of trial practices as well as a thorough outline of how to defend a drunk driving case.

-David W. Russel
President, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Attorney, Kansas City, MO


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